Prof. Rigneault (Institut Fresnel – Marseille) visits EOS-CHARMING

On 23 November 2018, prof. Hervé Rigneault – head of the Mosaic Group at Institut Fresnel in Marseille (France) – visited the EOS-CHARMING consortium and shared his breakthroughs in the field of nonlinear-optical microscopy and endoscopy, a topic closely related to one of the main objectives of the EOS-CHARMING project. All attendees greatly appreciated the multidisciplinary results included in his presentations and EOS-CHARMING is looking forward to start intense collaborations with prof. Rigneault’s team. The picture shows Prof. Rigneault, 2nd from the left, accompanied with EOS-CHARMING PI’s prof. Nathalie Vermeulen, prof. Wim Wenseleers and prof. Erik Goormaghtigh.